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Gay dating online isn't a rare phenomenon. More and more singles are choosing to enter the online world in order to find their soulmate. But here's the question, "If you're gay online, how safe is your personal information on dating websites?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Today I'm going to talk about the main and most common mistakes gay people make when they're using online dating platforms. You can either be able to avoid these mistakes and still experience success or pay the price.

1. Using First and Last Name as E-mail & Text to

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The first and most basic mistake gay people make on their first date is sending an e-mail or text message to their match and introducing their profile. Yes, it's true that you can do this. But, you have to do it as a last resort. That's right, if you want to meet their match on an online dating site, make sure you're not using your first and last name when you send an e-mail or text message. This is because it's considered inappropriate. And not only that, it's actually against the site's rules. The moment you're found doing it, you will get blocked. Plus, the best part about the process is that you can't use a virtual number to contact your match.

2. Using a Fake Email or Contact on

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The same goes for You have to be very careful with your e-mail or contact information because if someone gets a hold of it, they can access your personal data. And in some cases, they can even obtain your Facebook or Twitter account, which can be extremely dangerous. Use your real phone number for e-mails and Facebook and Twitter accounts. The best thing about using your real number for the website is that you can have direct conversations with people without giving them your e-mail or contact information. Also, don't try to use other people's real identities when you're on there. You have to find a match that's free and willing to give you their real contact information.

3. Sending a Weird Photo A lot of gay people still don't know how to take photos. But it's not a problem. All you need to do is to make sure that you take a professional photograph and upload it on your profile. Don't send out blurry or unknown photos, because you can never be sure if the person you're meeting has seen one.

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It's good to send your photos to a friend before you upload them on your profile because they will tell you whether your picture is good or not. Also, make sure that you're never sending photos to people you met on a dating app. Most people think they're safe when they use dating apps, but that's a big mistake. You're either going to go out with the person you met on the app, or you're not going to.

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The last thing you need to avoid is creating a personal relationship on If you want to meet your match on an online dating site, you have to create a profile that's available to everyone. Don't create a personal profile on if you want to be anonymous. In fact, that's why you have to be a really good online profile writer. It's the best way to create an online profile that's unique, never used before, and is always available.

While on, make sure your bio is free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. It's very easy to tell if a bio is well thought out or not. For example, do you have a detailed profile, or is it short and to the point?